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  • Audio Technica ATW-702 handheld wireless

  • Audix OM-2 vocal mic

  • B-52 ACT1515X 2X15″ 1000 watt powered speaker

    Price per speaker

  • CAD Stage 4 drum mic set

  • CB-1 passive direct box

    Pro Co CB-1 Passive Direct Box with Ground Lift Switch

  • Chauvet hurricane 700 fog machine

    Chauvet hurricane 700 fog machine includes power cord foot switch and fog juice all in a blue tote.

  • Chauvet Mini 4Bar 2.0 LED light system

    Mini 4BAR™ 2.0 is a ready-to-go, mobile wash system with four restyled, square LED wash lights, sporting 81 LEDs per pod, mounted on a bar with tripod, floor stands, footswitch controller and transport bags. Includes 50ft extension cord.

  • Chauvet Obey 3 DMX lighting controller

    3 channel DMX controller. Includes power cord and padded carrying bag.

  • Chauvet Obey 4 DMX light controller

    DMX light controller in carrying bag with power cord

  • Chauvet Slim Par56 LED light

    Chauvet Slim Par56 LED light, color black includes stand mount and power cord

  • Dean Markley Pro Mag acoustic sound hole pickup

    Dean Markley acoustic sound hole pickup with 15ft attached cord.