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PA Speakers

  • 2X15″ powered speaker(ACT1515X)

    B-52 ACT1515x 1000 watt 2×15” powered speaker with power cord and cover

  • Battery powered portable speaker(XP106W)

    Samson XP106W 100 watt Battery powered speaker with wireless handheld microphone and Bluetooth connectivity. Includes speaker stand, carrying bag, mic stand, windscreen, and charging cord

  • Battery powered portable speaker(XP312W)

    Samson XP312W 300 watt battery powered  Bluetooth speaker in carrying bag with charging cable and choice of Handheld and Lapel wireless system. Includes tripod speaker stand and mic stand for handheld wireless microphone.

  • Passive non powered Speaker / Monitor(C300z)

    Mackie C300z 12” and horn passive speaker with speakon and 1/4” inputs

  • Powered floor monitor(HD1221)

    Mackie HD1221 12″ 2-Way Compact High-Definition 1200 watt Powered Loudspeaker/floor monitor

  • Powered floor monitor/speaker(SRM450)

    Mackie SRM450v2 400 watt 12” and horn powered monitor/main speaker. Includes power cord

  • Powered PA speaker(HD1531)

    Mackie HD1531 15″ 3-Way 1800W Powered PA main speaker. Includes power cord and cover

  • Powered PA speaker(K12)

    QSC K12 12” and horn 1000 watt main speaker. Can also  be used as a floor monitor. Includes power  cord

  • Powered subwoofer(HD1801)

    Mackie HD1801 1600 watt peak 18” powered subwoofer with padded cover and power cord. Speaker pole available

  • Powered subwoofer(KSUB)

    QSC KSUB 2×12 1000 watt powered subwoofer with power cord and cover. Speaker pole available

  • Stage Floor Monitor Speaker(EV)

    Laymans description of what it does and can be used for (scenarios)